Sunday, 16 June 2013

...things can only get better from here...

I have had one heck of a week, but things are only going to get better from now on. Molly came home from the hospital, still a long way to recovery but she will get better quicker at home I know. Still  - super scary - I am not a doctor nor a nurse, so this is all a huge learning curve for us - sleepless nights and wondering if whatever we do hurts her more.  She is tough and so very positive though, she makes things easy and is such a joy.

I've fallen in love with viking knit jewelery and found it was something I could do with a sick child and it didn't require a lot of attention to detail. I also tried my hand at resin casting and the first batch of cabs was (I thought) a big success. I watched an on line tutorial (sorry can't remember by who) and made the ones I have used in Fire and Ice. It was a bit messy but I will definitely be doing this again. I can slip this pendant off the viking knit rope, wear the rope plain or put on a different pendant - so cool!

Tori was also from an online inspirational picture on viking knitting.  I purchased the pink stone in Victoria at my favorite store- Aurea, I think it is dyed agate but not sure, I just knew I loved it and had to have it. The pink wire viking knit chain was made on the long drive home (14 hours) - it really passed the time away nicely. Also new for me was the wire love love it.


  1. Oh, these pieces are absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE love that first blue one (my favorite color ;) and admire your talents. So sorry to hear that your baby is sick, I will be sending good thoughts your way, xoxo

  2. I love your Viking knit! I enjoy Viking knit and it makes a great necklace for pendants. It's different and using colored wire makes it easy to coordinate. I love adding the coiled wire ends to it, too.

  3. I've never done any wire beading before. What lovely jewelry you have created. Great for SOC entries, too. Sorry about your daughter. I hope she mends quickly.

  4. Way behind in reading the blogs, but SO glad to hear that Molly's at home! What a relief for all of you. I'm glad you've found something that you can pour your nervous energy into while you tend to her recovery. Hugs to you and your family!