Thursday, 31 May 2012

....inspirations and aspirations...

When I escape into my bead world, my mind wanders to all kinds of wonderful places; I just wish I was a talented author so I could share my thoughts and inspirations on paper. When I am behind the camera or deeply immersed in a beading project life takes on a different perspective; I lose all track of time and what’s really going on around me. For me this is totally relaxing and I must say rejuvenating. I love reading blog posts from all my blog friends and am amazed at how many talented, wonderful people are out there.  I love their stories and being able to touch everyone’s world if only just a little bit. 

I am super excited because I am doing my first “challenge” and I can’t wait to get the kit (Summer Lovin - – design ideas are racing around in my head. 

My latest piece “√°alani” was a combination of my favorite – bead embroidery – and something new for me – free form peyote.  Sarah from Saturday Sequins ( inspired me to give this a try and OMG I love it – it is so much fun and really allows you to just go with it.  When I started I stressed a bit and thought I was doing it wrong and then I realized there can’t be a wrong if it’s free form and just relaxed and let the creative juices flow. I loved doing free form so much that I had to make a matching bracelet “√°alani B” to go with the necklace.  I think I will incorporate this method into my challenge project----can’t wait.

aalani closeup
aalani B
aalani B
We went camping again last weekend (just can't get enough) where I spent most of my day behind the camera. I am trying to perfect birds in flight and I think I'm getting closer.
The take off
Up up and away

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Got my mojo back...

I have been very busy lately but unfortunately I have had a beading block. I thought I would try a few projects using some different beading techniques, but the projects just weren't developing. I tried one (not finished), I tried another (not finished), I read blogs to get me in the right frame of mind, I looked at other artist's creations for inspiration, I was I must admit a little afraid that maybe my creativity was gone and then I came to my senses and started a project in an area that I love, bead embroidery. The creative juices just flowed and "Lindy" came to be in very quick order. My most wonderful sister Linda (Scattered Leaves) had brought me a turquoise focal bead  while on her adventures at Artfest, it was just beautiful. I paired it with some special crystal bicones and some drop crystals I had and I love the results. It was amazing I had all the different pieces in my stash already, just waiting to go into the right piece. I plan to finish the other projects (eventually) I have started but I have given myself permission to put aside or change directions if the creative juices slow.

Close up of Lindy focal

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Awesome weekend....

Back from a fabulous weekend of camping! I didn't get any beading done, although I wanted too, but the weather was so nice (a little windy) but very warm.  We spent most of the time outside. I took many, many pictures and did some carving. This week I plan on beading every night, I have a couple of projects almost done and I am excited to start on some ideas I have as well as a sequin cuff I can't wait to make.

Calla Lily Spoon  

Sunset on the trout pond


One of many swallows

The golden hour

Perfect reflections

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Another spoon ,some beading, and nature too...

Went camping on the weekend, oh so nice to get away. The weather was less than perfect but sometimes that's okay. Nothing like being all snug in a warm cozy trailer and listening to the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof. There were moments though.....oh mother nature though art great.
Coming in for a landing
After the storm
Guarding the nest
More landings
As mentioned another spoon, I made this one for my husband and all his musical aspirations.
Wayne's spoon
And finally a little necklace, I love mixing dark blues and turquoises. This one has crystals, seed beads, and glass teardrops.
Midnight at the Oasis