Sunday, 26 August 2012

....i can feel it in the air....

Yes FALL and it's just around the corner but before then .... my holidays are only a few days away. Lately I have been busy making the projects for Beading Babes. In my rush to join in I scrolled through projects and was very excited..hmm three projects by Sept 1 - no problem.  Well it's not three projects it's four and thank goodness the reveal date has been moved to Sept 16.  I went back to the site and realized I hadn't scrolled to the bottom of the projects. I am close to being done three of the projects and will start on the 4th this week sometime. I learned that soutache is way harder than it looks and requires a great deal of patience. Did I mention I am on holidays very soon!!!! We are spending three weeks on the west coast, visiting family and friends. I can't wait to go to Victoria and  visit with my sister. We don't get to see each other much so I just can't wait. My brother lives in Vancouver so I will be getting a double family fix to sustain me for a while. Below are a couple of photos I took in Victoria on my last visit. I love taking photos and then I love manipulating them into what look like a paintings.
Victoria, British Columbia

Tug boat in Vancouver harbor
The last BSBP reveal day has come and gone. I am working my way through the hop and I must say I am impressed with all I see. This was such a great adventure and I hope Lori will let me join in January again. I have joined the Holiday Bling Blog Hop and found out that my partner is Leanne Loftus from Pennsylvania. From our first introduction I can tell we are like minded artists and have already decided what we are going to do. Leanne does beautiful work, check out her blog and see for yourself.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Copper and Blue

First, I would like to thank all the BSBP family for their comments on the pieces I made from the soup Ginger sent, it is so gratifying to be part of a large family of like minded, extremely talented artists. I have such a swelled head from all the wonderful praise I received.  I hope I didn't miss anyone when I did the hop, if I did miss anyone please accept this as praise for an exceptional job by all. This was such an incredible experience it is quite indescribable. Last reveal is just a few days away and I find I am just as excited this time as the last two to see what's been created.

I just finished my pieces for the August Challenge from Operation Tackle that Stash.  I haven't often worked in copper but found that when paired with royal blue, it is quite striking. I had purchased the focal sometime ago and knew that someday it would take center stage. This was the perfect challenge for this piece. The necklace was made using dyed fresh water pearls, brilliant blue swarovski crystals, copper spacers  and clasp and copper seed beads.

Indigo Treasure

The earrings are made with some beautiful copper leaves, copper findings and dyed fresh water pearls. The colors are so striking they are hard to miss. Hope you enjoy!


Saturday, 11 August 2012

BSBP Second Reveal Day …yeah that’s me and Ginger…..

I was so excited to sign up for the Bead Soup Blog Party and was thrilled when Lori partnered me with Ginger my new BSBPBFF.  I was about to embark on a new adventure and thankfully Ginger walked me through the process. I have a lot to learn but next go round I will be a seasoned BSBP person.  I already can’t wait!
When Ginger’s package arrived I knew right away it was from her, the box was beautifully and uniquely decorated with pictures and even a map of Okinawa - how cool is that.  Inside everything was individually wrapped and sealed with Hello Kitty stickers and then surrounded by beautiful purple tissue paper; a treasure trove of beads, sea shells and gifts. 
My package to Ginger was sadly lacking except for one lone maple leaf sealing the package – how sad. Next time my package will definitely be more thought out. It will include a little bit of Canadiana and definitely a little something extra for my partner because I so appreciated receiving these from Ginger (oh but she spoiled me)!
Ginger's gorgeous gifts!
 Surprise #1
Surprise #2
Ginger made this pendant and used pictures I had taken, truly a thoughtful and wonderful gift!

I loved the challenge, the  camaraderie, the excitement and hope I have done justice to some of the treasures Ginger sent me.  Thank you Ginger, you are an awesome partner and I will treasure your friendship. 

Thank you Lori, you are an awesome hostess and oh so much appreciated.  

Bead Soup 2nd Reveal - please enjoy and make sure to visit all the sites!

Without further ado here is what I made with the delicious soup Ginger sent!

Beach Beauty
               Sand Dollar Focal, Okinawa Pearls, and Clasp (from Ginger) added seed beads and crystals

Large pink focal bead (from Ginger)I  added copper leaf, pink jade beads and silver findings on an 18 inch silver chain)

The Sea and Sand
                 (Glass focal bead, white shells, blue glass beads (all from Ginger) added blue jade, gold clasp and gold leaf)

Empress Eleanor
Peach resin flowers (from Ginger), White bone flower, peach fresh water pearls, tiny pink pearls, peach crystals and peach amethyst drop

When I started this adventure and agonized over the soup I was sending to Ginger, I wanted to be sure that something could actually be made, so I decided I would use the same mix of beads I sent and create something as well. I was curious to see what we would each come up with. Ginger's creations are so beautiful and so completely different. So much fun!
what I sent to Ginger and what i made with the same mix
 Wild Thing

 Must say this was the most awesome experience, thank you again Lori!!!!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

remiss in my duty

I am new to the BSBP and I am still learning the ins and outs, I am remiss in posting a picture of the soup my awesomely wonderful partner sent me. I was so lucky to be paired with Ginger B and will cherish her as a new found friend......would that be BSBPBFF! Thanks Lori for pairing me with Ginger. Ginger sent me such a stash that I felt giddy and guilty at the same time. I think my soup was more of a broth with not a lot of meat. That being said I know I will be amazed at what she designs. I can't wait for August 11 (2nd reveal date).

Ginger sent me an Okinawan flavored soup....mmm mmm good.... lots of shells and pearls and coins and and and...

Ginger also sent me an awesome pendant she made with a surprise... it had pictures that I had taken mounted inside the frame front and back. She said it was her first attempt but I find that hard to is beautiful and I wear it with pride. She made herself one as well so I feel we are even more connected.

And then she topped it off with the cutest key chain ever!

Thanks Ginger, you're the best and this is a great journey to be on.

Summer Lovin' Reveal Day

Yeah Summer Lovin’ reveal is finally here! I say this because I finished my piece in June and have been waiting and waiting and waiting for August to arrive. This was my very first challenge ever and it was so exciting; receiving the package, planning and then re-planning, making and then re-making and finally the finished result. I love, love, love this piece and wear it often. I named this piece "Winterfell" ; it reminded me of the castle in the series "Game of Thrones" (currently my favorite series). The colors of the beads in the package are not colors I would normally have picked out but they pushed me out of my comfort zone and have now become favorites. I have had many people tell me that this piece is their favorite. I love the tree of life focal bead - a polymer focal from PennysLane, I added a few tiny silver leaves that were difficult to find until my awesome sister dug through her stash and came up with exactly what I was looking for (thanks Sis!). 
Thank you Amy for hosting this challenge, I hope you like what I have created.
The Kit

Wintefell - The Result