Sunday, 22 July 2012

...where does the time go...

Time seems to drag by when you feel under the weather, but at the same it flies by. I can't believe I haven't posted in a couple of weeks. We have been very busy, but then last week I came down with strep throat, and that has knocked me out. My daughter came over to sit with the dogs while we went away for the weekend (had great fun) but when we came home she was sick and I mean sick. I wouldn't let her go home, because after all we never stop being mom's and I needed to take care of her. Well I am happy to say she is on the mend and has returned to her own place and yes now I am sick.....hmm funny how that works.  I have been beading like crazy and my soup is almost done, I can't wait for August 11 reveal day.  I have also entered a July Challenge and Amy's Summer Lovin, everything is coming together nicely. I have been busy with my camera as hollyhocks this year are stunning and at least 13 feet high.  I feel so good because they are loaded with bees and we all have to do everything we can to keep bees in our world.

Pretty in Pink   

Hollyhock (photo painting)
Yummy yummy

Coming in for a landing

Almost there!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

...we're having a heat wave...

Wow, it's blasting hot here, almost too hot, but then I know what's, coming so I better enjoy the heat while I can. With heat comes air conditioning and staying indoors, which of course leads to beading.

 Princess was made using pink and cream seed beads and pink and brown pearls. Appropriately named because  I feel just like a princess when I am wearing it. A now for the animal in all of us.....

Bengali is a two drop peyote band and even though it doesn't show in the picture the bracelet has a lot of glitz made with gold, copper and shiny chocolate brown delica's.

I have also signed up for an on line painting course and I am getting set up for that. Super excited but I'll only post if I am not embarrassed of the outcome.  I have a fabulous teacher so I think I'll love them. Still waiting for my soup, I just know it will come soon; can't wait, after seeing all the fabulous soups posted, I am feeling a little inadequate...I should have sent nicer packaging, better selection, a gift....sorry Ginger, please chalk this up to my first. I hope you do enjoy what I sent. I made a piece using the same beads (has to be a secret for now) and have had a lot of compliments.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

I've done it...

Well, I have taken the big step, which was very nerve wracking to do, but I have done Etsy shop is now open for business. I'm still trying to figure out how to add the slide show to my blog but for now it's just the Etsy Shop link. I'm flying by the seat of my pants and hope all works out and is done right.  Comments back would be most welcome. I have a limited number of items in my store but will continue to add as the days go on. Who knew this would be such a huge learning curve.

I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful blog friends, and this week I have enjoyed so many of my blog friends posts - Lori shared her story of when she first knew true love and I felt special to be  included in the reveal of her excellent story. Keep writing Lori, you do it well. Sarah shared her way of coping and prioritizing - I always take away so much good advice from her and count myself lucky to be her blog friend. Ginger my BSBP is sharing her experiences in Okinawa, I call them my mini blog-cations. I am so excited that Ginger is my partner, I think we are kindred spirits and share a lot in common. My list could go on and on,  but suffice it to say that I appreciate all my very talented blog friends.

My baby moved out today and I'm not sure I'm prepared for that even though she is 24 and ready to be on her own..the empty nest syndrome has hit me hard but at least I have my fur babies.....

Fur Baby #1 - Rockstar

Fur Baby #2 - MoJo
oh, and  my beading.....I have a couple of pieces I am dying to show, but must wait for reveal days so I thought I would share two bracelets I just finished instead. "Dottie" evokes happiness, and  "A whole lot of Bling" evokes just that. Both pieces succeeded in lifting my spirits and were fun to make.