Saturday, 10 January 2015

A Time to Stitch 6

Objective: use a graphed chart, word chart, or picture chart using peyote, square, RAW or brick stitches.

Our wonderful talented hostesses, Therese and Christine are at it again…for the sixth time to be exact. I love these challenges and this one came at a perfect time. I had just finished the Beard Hoarders Blog Hop and was at a kind of at a stand still…perhaps not stand still, more like dead stop…I just didn’t feel like beading and had no inspirations. I hate it when that happens! Then I saw the signups for this challenge… perfect! I love doing peyote from a pattern so relaxing and so many really cool designs out there. It seems whenever I have a slump I go to a graphed peyote project and this gets the creative juices flowing again. I prefer working with word patterns, I never seem to get the starting rows right reading from the graph but I do like to challenge myself and have been successful with smaller graph projects.

For this challenge I have made several peyote cuff bracelets (Greendragon9 and Anabel27 patterns), a brick stitch cuff bracelet (Bead and Button Magazine pattern) and a RAW bracelet with embellishments (pattern by Marcia Decoster).

Thank you Therese and Christine for hosting this challenge, it has helped me get over my beading slump and has given me some very gorgeous bracelets.

I should mention that although I was in a bit of a beading slump, I have been knitting up a storm……so excited for my sweet little granddaughter’s arrival at the end of March. I was so thrilled to be allowed to attend the 3D ultrasound and actually see the little munchkin in action. Spring can’t come soon enough!