Saturday, 11 April 2015

with all this excitement

.....I almost forgot what day is was, more importantly what date it was. I thought reveal day was Sunday but yikes it today! I have a really good excuse precious little granddaughter was born on Easter Sunday and oh I just can't get enough.  She is pure joy and such a blessing.  My daughter had a rough go of it but I think with nana and papa and auntie pitching in she is on the mend.

Zoe Amelia
...without further adieu and a very Happy Birthday to Alenka here are my butterflies! I have always wanted to do a butterfly necklace and this presented the perfect opportunity.

Please visit the other wonderful birthday well wishers and enjoy the butterfly show! Thank you Alenka for letting us be part of your special day.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

as the saying goes like a lamb out like a lion....April Fools day on us! As I sat outside enjoying a blissfully warm spring day listening to the birds chirping  I didn't believe the weather man but I should have.....woke up this morning to snow and a fair amount. Oh well we know spring is just around the corner....we hope! 

I am really hoping for this to clear by Saturday because my wonderful husband is taking me on a photographic adventure....we are just heading out no destination in mind. These are from my last adventure so I would really like a little less snow and maybe a lot more horses.

I have been in a bit of an artistic slump lately, not beading much, not drawing, not even knitting...what to do...I had ordered Kate McKinnon's book "Contemporary Geometric Beadwork" and thought I would give it a try. Love love love it, the possibilities are endless.The bracelets are 3D and can be reversed, so very cool and easier than one thinks. Here are my first two bracelets and there are more on the beading table.

Enjoy and Happy Easter!