Friday, 9 May 2014

BSBP 8 Reveal Day

Reveal day is here and I am so excited - excited to show everyone what I made with the soup I received from my lovely partner Gayle Dyck. For an event that has participants from all over the world, my partner hails from the province right next door, the province I was born in...definitely kindred spirits.  This was Gayle’s first foray into Lori’s wonderful world of Bead Soup Blog Parties and I was happy to show her the ropes. Gayle and I exchanged emails and got to know one another.  I was so impressed with Gayle’s seed bead work; check out the bag she made, wow! For a first timer she sent an awesome and abundant soup, I was blown away. I think Gayle and I were lucky because we got each other’s soup right away and were able to start creating early in the game, giving us lots of time to get the creative juices flowing. I am so pleased I was able to use all the beads Gayle sent and have some fabulous pieces in my ever growing jewellery collection to show off. Gayle has assured me she has been equally prolific with her creations. This is the soup I sent Gayle. 

I know Lori has been incredibly sick through this whole party and my heart aches for her. Lori thank you for this wonderful event and thank you to Rick as well (and Zack too!) Even if you do take a break next year, I will be forever grateful for this experience and will continue to be one of your biggest fans. You are simply the best. I have been blessed with wonderful partners in each of the BSBP that I have participated in (here and here) and they are now my BSBPBFF (Bead Soup Blog Party Best Friends Forever) yeah Ginger and yeah Amy. And now I now have another wonderful friend to add to this list.

My partner Gayle sent the following soup all wrapped up in a very large kinder cute...I have to work on my packaging because in my rush to send I wasn't very creative. Not only did Gayle send an awesome soup she slipped in a cute little pair of earrings and even though they are a rival province’s colors (Rough Riders vs Eskimos)...I will wear them especially around Grey Cup time and see what kind of reaction I get! Thank you, thank you, thank you Gayle! This is the soup Gayle sent me, doesn't it look delicious!

Saskatchewan Rough Rider Earrings Gayle sent
And now here they are....
First spoonful: A  beautiful sparkly gold, deep green and bright blue glass focal. It just so happens that had another reveal coming up and this design was one of the projects...way to work two reveals with one piece! I absolutely love the twin hole beads that are used for the beaded beads in this piece and the colors were a perfect match to the focal. The deep golden bronze pearls took it to a new level and the earrings absolutely complete the set.

Next a gorgeous shell focal – on one side striated green and browns and the other side deep brown and tans. I was a bit stumped on what type of rope to make and then at our local bead group I was the lucky winner of the door prize which consisted of the perfectly matching square beads...too amazing. I had never used square beads to do a bezel but it turned out absolutely amazing and sets off the shell focal so well.

Simmering in the soup were copper and bright green seed beads...oh what to do...not colors I generally use as main colors but then I came across Diane Fitzgeralds pattern for Pulsating Diamonds and yureka..... I added blue and light copper and a star (or should I day a diamond) was born.

In all that delicious soup there was one lone blue glass bead, must have been the spice! I paired it with the small round opaque white glass beads from the soup for a simple wrap bracelet- added a tiny dragonfly and blue bead to finish it cute!

I am absolutely in love with the following set, partly because I am so pleased with how the spacers turned out. I couldn’t find anything that I liked or that went with the three glass flower beads so I made something. I coated heavy paper flowers with crystal coat, and viola - perfectly matched spacers, I added deep burgundy pearls, small round garnets and accented with silver seed beads. So so love this set.

There were also two peach glass flower beads in the soup and they made such a delicate pretty pair of earrings. Perfect for spring.

Gayle also included a few blue green tila beads and although at first I didn’t think they were a match to the tila's, two large rock shaped crystals. But just look what happened.....

Everyone needs a pair of go to earrings in their collection, something simple that goes with anything and everything. These opaque pale pink crystals made just that pair.

I still had some of the small round white opaque glass beads from the soup and Gayle had also sent some white size 15 seed beads. I have been dappling in polymer clay and had made this focal and well …. the rest is history. 

What does one do with round larger holed bone beads….. make a shambala bracelet of course. This now graces my daughters wrist and she loves it....yeah!

I have never made a ring before but since I hadn’t used all the Martha Stewart crystals from the soup, now was a good time to try. I love it and it goes so well with the last necklace....the Pièce de résistance still to come!

There was one lone finding in the soup (more spice I suppose) that I thought might get left out (not eaten) but then I had a dream and look what came out of that dream. I put a large mauve pearl inside the gold finding, added a few crystals,  made a complimentary beaded bead to go with it and put them all together. I truly love this piece and feel so pretty wearing it. Genius!


And now for the almost grande finale, everyone knows that my favorite beading technique is bead embroidery. It is my calling and I feel like I create little pieces of art with the added bonus of being able to wear those little works of art. When I opened my soup and saw the green malachite focal, I knew what had to be done. I added a couple of smaller malachite cabochons and set it off with black agate cabs. I added dyed howlite, bright green round glass beads and used the last remaining green seed beads from the soup and one of the two clasps Gayle had included. It is pure pleasure wearing this piece.  I have even been asked if I would sell it.....hmmmm I think not!

Drum role please......This is it and boy was that soup good to the last drop. This piece uses the large crystal focal, the Martha Stewart crystals, the green seed beads from the soup, the other clasp and then I added pearls, fire polished crystals and iridescent seed beads oh and of course the shibori silk. I love working with shibori and already have other pieces on the go. My Pièce de résistance…..

 I hope you enjoyed my soup as much as I did and I hope Gayle feels I paid her beads the tribute they deserved. Please follow this link to visit all the other (approximately 500) BSBP participants. Happy hopping.....

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