Monday, 1 January 2018

..I've committed...

I have committed to a year of not buying any clothes (RTW (Ready to Wear) Fast) and I'm pretty excited.  Sarah Gunn from Goodbye Valentino ( is hosting this adventure and it promises to be a fun challenge.  I have recently retired and have felt a little adrift, not sure what to do next. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love being retired - I get to be creative and do all the things I want to do when I want to do them but sometimes you just need that challenge. When I was beading I was always challenged but that mojo has still not come home so on to something completely different. I have always loved sewing but I have done my fair share of keeping the retail industry going. I still love shopping but with respect to the environment and my pocketbook I have to be more conscious.

The rules are pretty simple - no ready to wear clothing.

I am even committing to making my own under garments - my first two bras and I'm addicted - shopping for lace in NYC at Mood was such an experience and one that will be repeated as often as possible.  Of course I made matching panties and they are oh so comfortable and a perfect fit.

My interest has also peaked with making clutch purses/handbags so they will likely become a regular addition to my blog as well.

I have quite the stash of fabric from my shopping trip to Mood and B&J Fabrics in NYC so now to get down to some serious business - picking my first project!

Happy sewing all!

More Quilts and other things

I just love quilting, I love the process - the complete process. And I especially love when I make a quilt for someone special to me. It is my way of wrapping them in my arms and giving them love.

This year for Christmas I made my daughters quilts and was so excited for them to open them. Now except for my son in law my family all have a quilt made by me! I even have a couple on the go for my soon to be born grandson.

Meagan's quilt

This quilt was for my daughter Meagan (soon to be mom of two). It was made with Kaffe Fasset 5 inch charm squares and because the fabric is so outstanding I kept it simple - framed 9 patch squares. I love to personalize my quilts with something from my heart so I stitched the following on one of the borders "You were a blessing from the start, I love you Meagan with all my heart". I hope she likes it!

Molly's quilt

For my daughter Molly I made a more modern design, I found this pattern on line ( and just loved it, I did change it up a bit and introduced red - red and black are my daughters company colors. It was a challenge and not all my points line up but it is a beauty. The message was "I love you to the moon and back LaLa, forever in my heart". She did have a sneak preview and said she loved it so all is good.

Robyn's quilt

Pretty in Pink and it is oh so pink.  I was trying a new technique - mile a minute quilting - and was only going to make a small sample. But as I was working on it I was thinking of my beautiful sister in law and the more I worked the more it became hers. I added simple nine patch squares to tone it down and I love the results. I can't wait to give it to her. "love you so much" says it all.

Not only do I like quilting but I like painting as well - I just don't have a dedicated space so I don't paint as often as I may like. I want to do a large version of this technique (acrylic pour) but I will need to find a space to do it and that could be a challenge .... I just love the colors in these two (my favorites so far) - it is very addicting and I have lots of canvases stacked in the corner with no where to hang!