Sunday, 26 January 2014

I love my blog

I routinely woke up this morning prepared to pull the usual Sunday morning lazies. Part of my routine is to check my blog - catch up on those I am following, check my Facebook - make a few comments and then check my email. I have a cup of hot coffee and settle in to relax and read. When I got to the email part of my morning...there was an email from a long lost friend. She had read my blog (hence I love my blog) and thought it was me and connected. Wow! I have responded and hopefully it is the beginning of a renewed old friendship.
I have been busy working on a statement piece, but it won't be ready to post for awhile. Each step has to be contemplated, deeply contemplated and and has to be just right in my mind before I can move on.  Lets just say I have taken out almost as much as I have done ...oh the anticipation.While contemplating a particular part I took a side venture and made the following piece. I purchased the pattern "Morning Glory" from Ellad2.  I thought it would work up to be a bit smaller but it is quite substantial making it in my mind  a better brooch than a pendant. It was fun to do and the tutorial was easy to back to my big project. But wait I signed up for the Freeform Red challenge reveal date February 15...I had better get busy!

Morning Glory from Ellad2

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A Time to Stitch 4 Reveal date is here

Therese Frank and Christine Altimeter are hosting another "Time to Stitch, Number 4" and only now have I  jumped on the band wagon (I missed 1-3). Generally I don’t follow a pattern or for that matter any particular stitch but every once in a while it is nice to perfect the basics. 

First up - Net Stitch -I have always liked the look of the net stitch, so light and lacy.  A net stitch collar is a simple yet stunning piece that adds elegance to any outfit. I have made several net stitch collars all quite unique. 

Next is the Spiral Stitch
Oh the spiral stitch, I just love the fluid movement ….and now that I have discovered Dutch Spiral…well I just couldn’t stop, I even got my sister making one. The spiral rope is so versatile and because of its versatility I often use it to finish a piece with great results. 

....and more spiral

I haven’t used the chevron stitch much but now that I have given it a try I can see there will be ways to incorporate this stitch into other projects.

Last but not least the Chenile stitch which makes a nice rope, very flexible and sturdy.  I can see this being used in a lariat with great success!

This was such a fun challenge and I must say I learned a lot on the journey.  Thanks Therese and Christine for hosting and letting me join the party.

10. LizE
15. Alenka

Sunday, 12 January 2014


Although I still feel in the holiday mode life has returned to normal. The weather here is so unpredictable, one day raining and warm and the next day in a deep freeze. I have come to the conclusion the one thing I really hate about winter is icy sidewalks. I have a bad habit of falling down in normal conditions but this icy stuff is just to I am staying in a lot. Not bad though gives me the time to play with my lens baby.....
Birthday Rose using Lens Baby Lens

....and of course beading. For some unknown reason I felt the need to do some peyote cuffs and I just can't stop. Is it me or is there an African flare to these?
Bright bangles
So so much fun...I think I need to make some more!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

My how time flies...

It's been a while since I last posted, life just got in the way....well not in the way life just needed to be lived. And now it's 2014.Wow! I have made lots of resolutions and so far have been keeping them, but hey it's early. One thing for sure in 2014 I am going do a lot more stepping out of my comfort zone. I have recognized that I love bead embroidery (it's my passion) but that is not to say that every once in a while I feel the need to follow a pattern or do a standard stitch technique.  I am so excited for upcoming bead challenges, and can't wait to dig in. 
Mr. Seagull .... say what!

Christmas was wonderful, spent with my favorite people in the husband, my daughters and my son in law. On Boxing Day we left for Vancouver to spend New Years eve with my brother and my husbands sister and brother in law. What a wonderful relief from the snow. I took lots of photos, ate way too much and did some serious, I mean serious shopping!
A stroll through Central Park (note there is no snow)
 Today happens to be my birthday but my brother and sister in law surprised me early with the most deletable birthday cake ever..a St. Honore cake...the most delicious cake ever. I was truly spoiled....did I mention my husband brought me a cashmere and fur cape!!!!!
Happy Birthday to Me, yum yum
 I have been doing lots of beading and can't wait to reveal on January 15 - A Time to Stitch, but until then I made this as a gift for my sister (pattern from Bead and Button) - I made it in her favorite colors and hope it makes her day.

For Lindy
Come back to see my A Time To Stitch Reveal on January 15