Sunday, 26 January 2014

I love my blog

I routinely woke up this morning prepared to pull the usual Sunday morning lazies. Part of my routine is to check my blog - catch up on those I am following, check my Facebook - make a few comments and then check my email. I have a cup of hot coffee and settle in to relax and read. When I got to the email part of my morning...there was an email from a long lost friend. She had read my blog (hence I love my blog) and thought it was me and connected. Wow! I have responded and hopefully it is the beginning of a renewed old friendship.
I have been busy working on a statement piece, but it won't be ready to post for awhile. Each step has to be contemplated, deeply contemplated and and has to be just right in my mind before I can move on.  Lets just say I have taken out almost as much as I have done ...oh the anticipation.While contemplating a particular part I took a side venture and made the following piece. I purchased the pattern "Morning Glory" from Ellad2.  I thought it would work up to be a bit smaller but it is quite substantial making it in my mind  a better brooch than a pendant. It was fun to do and the tutorial was easy to back to my big project. But wait I signed up for the Freeform Red challenge reveal date February 15...I had better get busy!

Morning Glory from Ellad2


  1. How exciting to have a long-lost friend find you through your blog! The morning glory makes the perfect brooch :-) Lovely!

  2. Your Morning Glory piece is beautiful! How fun to have a special piece in the works. I can't wait to see it!