Sunday, 12 January 2014


Although I still feel in the holiday mode life has returned to normal. The weather here is so unpredictable, one day raining and warm and the next day in a deep freeze. I have come to the conclusion the one thing I really hate about winter is icy sidewalks. I have a bad habit of falling down in normal conditions but this icy stuff is just to I am staying in a lot. Not bad though gives me the time to play with my lens baby.....
Birthday Rose using Lens Baby Lens

....and of course beading. For some unknown reason I felt the need to do some peyote cuffs and I just can't stop. Is it me or is there an African flare to these?
Bright bangles
So so much fun...I think I need to make some more!


  1. Beautiful photo and bracelets. I think the African look has to do with the opaque beads and the bright and contrasting colours.

  2. Your cuffs are beautiful! Those bright colors are so welcome this time of year!! That photograph of the rose is just stunning!