Sunday, 29 September 2013

Beading Babes Project 9 Reveal

It has been what seems a long time coming but today is reveal day at last. These projects are exactly what I needed at a time when my life was turned up side down. Things have evened out and life is pretty much back to normal.....just in time to start hibernation. 

I would have to say my favorite project this time around was the Four Points earring. They were so much fun to make and I have now developed a very healthy appetite for two hole seed beads. Love them. I made a pendant and bracelet to go with the earrings and they have become my go to set.

 Next favorite although I made some adjustments is the Sari Pendant. It is so 3d and really stands out as a statement piece. Strung on pink sparkly ribbon takes it over the top!

The Succulent Garden Bracelet again featured two hole seed beads, my new favorite. I used two colors quite by accident but love how it turned out.
I love the petal earrings and have worn them a lot. Definitely statement earrings!
I struggled with the Radiant Pinwheel and just did not like how it was turning out. The pendant was too bulky and just looked odd to me. So with a little creative license I made it into what I liked, I find it much more wearable and a real eye catcher. Because of the detail I strung it on a simple Viking knit rope.
Last but not least is the Seed Bead Nova. I am not particularly crazy about this as a bracelet and I think I will turn it into a pendant. I love the design and think it would make a beautiful necklace. The earrings are gorgeous.

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks Karyn for organizing such a fun group!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sequintastic Reveal Day...

Sarah of Saturday Sequins is hosting the 2nd annual Sequintastic September and I am so proud to be part of it.

Sarah has such a fun loving person and has such a wonderful blog, who could resist being part of this whimsy.

Although this has been a hectic time for me I felt sure I could come up with something really incredible and spectacular. Well add up all the chaos and then add in being away for the last two weeks on vacation....I must admit I was in a bit of a panic. The project I had planned (which will be revealed later) was way bigger than I had anticipated and being on the road I didn't have everything I needed. Oh what to do....

Plan B anyone........Our vacation was to take us to the Columbia River Gorge and then up along the coast to Seattle. Well 9 km from the US boarder I realized our passports had expired.......on to PLAN B for both vacation and sequin project. Not to be daunted we camped in Southern BC wine country. It was absolutely glorious and so relaxing. It also gave me inspiration and my little Tawny Owl came to be.

Owls seem to be everywhere right now and so as not to be left out of the craze and because it brings back found memories of when my girls where Brownies and I was one of their Brownie Leaders (Tawny Owl) and because sequins work so well........

Tawny Owl

Enjoy this wonderful sequin filled adventure. Sarah you are one of the best! Thank you for hosting.

Monday, 2 September 2013

the count down has begun...

This has been a hectic past few days and next week will be as well. Trying to get ready for vacation is tough when you have so many people to worry about. Although my daughter is doing really well, we may still be faced with more surgery...I just hope it is not until after we get back.  Work is hectic, home is hectic....I need a vacation. We plan on leaving Friday for 2 glorious weeks. I am packing my beads and getting ready to hit the road. I will also be doing some viking knit, because it is so easy to do while driving and I love the look. I will be on a bit of a break but when back I have to hops to post for. See you then.

Quick Silver