Sunday, 29 September 2013

Beading Babes Project 9 Reveal

It has been what seems a long time coming but today is reveal day at last. These projects are exactly what I needed at a time when my life was turned up side down. Things have evened out and life is pretty much back to normal.....just in time to start hibernation. 

I would have to say my favorite project this time around was the Four Points earring. They were so much fun to make and I have now developed a very healthy appetite for two hole seed beads. Love them. I made a pendant and bracelet to go with the earrings and they have become my go to set.

 Next favorite although I made some adjustments is the Sari Pendant. It is so 3d and really stands out as a statement piece. Strung on pink sparkly ribbon takes it over the top!

The Succulent Garden Bracelet again featured two hole seed beads, my new favorite. I used two colors quite by accident but love how it turned out.
I love the petal earrings and have worn them a lot. Definitely statement earrings!
I struggled with the Radiant Pinwheel and just did not like how it was turning out. The pendant was too bulky and just looked odd to me. So with a little creative license I made it into what I liked, I find it much more wearable and a real eye catcher. Because of the detail I strung it on a simple Viking knit rope.
Last but not least is the Seed Bead Nova. I am not particularly crazy about this as a bracelet and I think I will turn it into a pendant. I love the design and think it would make a beautiful necklace. The earrings are gorgeous.

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks Karyn for organizing such a fun group!


  1. I was unable to participate this go-round, as I am swamped with other obligations....but beautiful work! Always such fun to see the variation in the pieces.

  2. You did well, and were quite productive.

    I like the petal earrings best.

  3. The Radiant Pinwheel pattern looked really tricky;congrats for getting through it! I love what you have done with these designs and am glad that you are now a fan of two hole beads. They are fabulous and so versatile! Your color choices are lovely as well and I like that you made the supernova earrings, as they are awesome and have convinced me to make a pair. :D

  4. Well done! I think my favorite is the Succulent garden bracelet, that two toned look is very striking!

  5. Beautiful Debbie, I love all of them and the colors you chose really make the pieces grand. Kudos to you for getting so many of the pieces done in Project 9. I only got two done, but that is better then none.

  6. Wow! every piece is amazing...especially your color choices! if I was forced to pick a favorite, it would be the Succulent Garden bracelet as it is stunning!

  7. Don't know how you find the time to get it all in, but they are beautiful