Sunday, 8 July 2012

...we're having a heat wave...

Wow, it's blasting hot here, almost too hot, but then I know what's, coming so I better enjoy the heat while I can. With heat comes air conditioning and staying indoors, which of course leads to beading.

 Princess was made using pink and cream seed beads and pink and brown pearls. Appropriately named because  I feel just like a princess when I am wearing it. A now for the animal in all of us.....

Bengali is a two drop peyote band and even though it doesn't show in the picture the bracelet has a lot of glitz made with gold, copper and shiny chocolate brown delica's.

I have also signed up for an on line painting course and I am getting set up for that. Super excited but I'll only post if I am not embarrassed of the outcome.  I have a fabulous teacher so I think I'll love them. Still waiting for my soup, I just know it will come soon; can't wait, after seeing all the fabulous soups posted, I am feeling a little inadequate...I should have sent nicer packaging, better selection, a gift....sorry Ginger, please chalk this up to my first. I hope you do enjoy what I sent. I made a piece using the same beads (has to be a secret for now) and have had a lot of compliments.


  1. Sweetie, no worries on this end. I'm sure I'll be amazed. Do know that this is not my first swap or bead soup and I feel the exact same way when I look at the soups that have arrived. There is always someone who does better than we do and one who doesn't do as well, but there is no one who does things like you. Someone told me that and I try to remember it in times like this. Like now that I have a big lump in my throat thinking about how you've already created something with the set in route to me.

  2. We know all about heat here in Maryland! But, it does work out well for the beading!! I love your bracelets. They are so different, but each is beautiful! I love the colors in Bengali.

  3. I love Bengali! Wow, that's a striking piece. I could see a choker with the same pattern. :)

    A painting class! How exciting. Let me know how you like it -- I've never taken an online class before and have always wanted to.

  4. What gorgeous work, I love princess, that's so lovely (and 'princess' has a special place in my heart too). I found you through BSBP. :D

  5. Those pieces are so very differnt but they are both so beautiful.