Wednesday, 1 August 2012

remiss in my duty

I am new to the BSBP and I am still learning the ins and outs, I am remiss in posting a picture of the soup my awesomely wonderful partner sent me. I was so lucky to be paired with Ginger B and will cherish her as a new found friend......would that be BSBPBFF! Thanks Lori for pairing me with Ginger. Ginger sent me such a stash that I felt giddy and guilty at the same time. I think my soup was more of a broth with not a lot of meat. That being said I know I will be amazed at what she designs. I can't wait for August 11 (2nd reveal date).

Ginger sent me an Okinawan flavored soup....mmm mmm good.... lots of shells and pearls and coins and and and...

Ginger also sent me an awesome pendant she made with a surprise... it had pictures that I had taken mounted inside the frame front and back. She said it was her first attempt but I find that hard to is beautiful and I wear it with pride. She made herself one as well so I feel we are even more connected.

And then she topped it off with the cutest key chain ever!

Thanks Ginger, you're the best and this is a great journey to be on.


  1. Hi Kepi,
    Wow you have a very yummy bead soup. I am looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

  2. Wow, great pictures! It looks way cooler here. What did you think of the box?

  3. Ginger sounds like a very sweet person, and she sent you a lovely soup! That keychain is adorable. :)

  4. Delicious soup there and a great blog.Thank you Love and hugs Tanya

  5. I can't wait to see what you made! Hope you think I did your gorgeous soup justice.