Thursday, 31 May 2012

....inspirations and aspirations...

When I escape into my bead world, my mind wanders to all kinds of wonderful places; I just wish I was a talented author so I could share my thoughts and inspirations on paper. When I am behind the camera or deeply immersed in a beading project life takes on a different perspective; I lose all track of time and what’s really going on around me. For me this is totally relaxing and I must say rejuvenating. I love reading blog posts from all my blog friends and am amazed at how many talented, wonderful people are out there.  I love their stories and being able to touch everyone’s world if only just a little bit. 

I am super excited because I am doing my first “challenge” and I can’t wait to get the kit (Summer Lovin - – design ideas are racing around in my head. 

My latest piece “√°alani” was a combination of my favorite – bead embroidery – and something new for me – free form peyote.  Sarah from Saturday Sequins ( inspired me to give this a try and OMG I love it – it is so much fun and really allows you to just go with it.  When I started I stressed a bit and thought I was doing it wrong and then I realized there can’t be a wrong if it’s free form and just relaxed and let the creative juices flow. I loved doing free form so much that I had to make a matching bracelet “√°alani B” to go with the necklace.  I think I will incorporate this method into my challenge project----can’t wait.

aalani closeup
aalani B
aalani B
We went camping again last weekend (just can't get enough) where I spent most of my day behind the camera. I am trying to perfect birds in flight and I think I'm getting closer.
The take off
Up up and away


  1. Wow, I love your freeform! Beautiful work, as always. Turquoise and orange have always been a favorite color combo of mine. :)

    I think that Karen Williams of Baublicious would enjoy seeing these pieces too, since she's the one who inspired my own freeform experiments.

  2. I love your necklace and bracelet. Isn't freeform fun! It just lets you go where ever and as you said, there's no wrong! I love it and I'm doing Amy's hop also. I have several ideas, one of which is freeform! Oh and I love the colors! Orange is a favorite of mine!