Sunday, 2 June 2013

and how does a person top last weeks event?

I guess you just move on...I think, no I know, my husband would like me to move on; as incredibly proud of me as he is the constant comments from me about being a winner are wearing him know like - "how about a coffee for the winner" or "are you taking the winner out for dinner"! But my favorite "the winner needs to go get some more beads". Okay I have had a swelled head for the last week..... I am still walking on air and have those random little inside feels really really good.

With all the excitement I didn't talk about my little vacation. It was great seeing my brother and sister and my husbands sisters and a few friends. I would have to say the majority of our holiday was visiting, catching up and eating.  The weather cooperated and it was a great break.  I did lots of bead shopping, visited my favorite store and they oohed and aahed over my necklace. They certainly boosted my ego. I came home with a stash of some awesome beads, some great photos and yes an outfit or two. I even had several  people stop and ask me if I sold my!

View of downtown Vancouver from Stanley Park
Bridge in Stanley Park
Driving through the mountains
 My favorite store was holding a demo on viking knit but unfortunately I couldn't stay. I have wanted to learn this technique for some time so was disappointed to say the least. Not to be beaten I purchased the necessary tools and pulled out the ever handy iPad and watched a tutorial! I knitted all the way home, very relaxing and lots of fun. My first viking knit project, and I am sure there will be many more pieces to come...
Glad to be back and looking forward the Blog Hop in July with Lori.


  1. what a fun piece - love your Viking knit piece! And congratulation on winning Beadsoup! your piece was stunning :)

  2. I love that Cirque piece! So beautiful! Also - you got me giggling with all your 'swelled head' comments. You deserved the win and all the perks of being the winner! :) Great photos in this post - the Stanley park photo reminds me of one of Monet's paintings!