Sunday, 9 June 2013

...bead freak... affectionate name my husband has given me as well as the name of one of my favorite bead stores in Vancouver. I always find something to delight my senses and this time was no different.  They have such unique beads and focals there, it is a must stop for me. The focal I bought from Bead Freaks is actually a little bottle complete with stopper, I used turquoise, red coral, brass beads, glass rounds and seed beads. I thought the red really set off both the turquoise and the brass focal.


This has been a hard week for me and my family, but we are strong and will carry on. My daughter Molly, was hit by a car going very fast while she was crossing at a crosswalk. She is seriously hurt but in time will mend. It makes you realize that you need to spend every precious minute you have together. I have two gorgeous daughters and their strength and determination amaze and astound me. I am so proud of them and so honored to be their mother.




  1. Glad to hear your daughter will heal. Take good care of her and yourself as well.

  2. Oh Gosh Kepi! I'm SO SORRY to hear about your daughter's injury!!! That is very difficult but I am glad you have a good prognosis. I'll keep her in my thoughts for a swift recovery!

  3. I do hope your daughter has a speedy and full recovery. Your girls are absolutely beautiful.

    Congrats on be chosen a WINNER for the Bead Soup contest. What a lovely piece.

  4. Oh, my gosh, I've been so behind in reading blogs, I just found out about this -- I am SO sorry to hear about Molly's accident!! How awful for her, and how terrifying for you and the rest of your family. So glad to hear that she should heal well. Hugs to you, and to her!

  5. I am terribly sorry to read about your daughter's accident (I, too, am so behind in reading blogs..again). I pray for a fast recovery for her!

    You are spot on - both of your girls are gorgeous!