Sunday, 13 October 2013

Oh Glorious Fall

Fall, my favorite time of the year. Everything about it just makes me happy. I even like listening to the background noise of the football game my husband is watching....I don't actually watch the game, I just listen to the noise...I have no understanding why this would evoke such a happy feeling.  Thanksgiving is in the fall and I have much to be thankful for maybe that is one reason. Perhaps it is because I have always fancied that I look great in fall colors, I love the oranges, golds, yellows, reds and rusts of the fall season. The only thing that would make it so much better is if it were to last a little longer, say a couple of more months.

In honor of my favorite season a tribute. I ordered on a whim from Fusion Beads (love Fusion Beads) large crystals focals .... gorgeous. I also ordered the delightful Rizo beads and added them as fringe around the crystal focals. I had just finished a rich coppery brown viking knit rope and they paired so well.  Oh so so pretty.....I absolutely love this necklace, it has become my new go to piece...perfect for fall!
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Happy Fall.


  1. It is lovely. Great colors, great combinations. The focals and fringe really are the star, but as a beader I have to tell you I like your end caps and clasp as well.

  2. Wow - I love your essay on the season - and I totally get that about the background noise!! Fall is also my favorite season...I think besides the spectacular colors - there's that excited feeling of ramping up for all the coming holidays!!!
    Now...speaking of spectacular colors - that necklace is GORGEOUS!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Your talent is awe-inspiring Kepi!

  3. First of all - I totally agree with your comments regarding Fall - yeah!!! That necklace is simply stellar!! So gorgeous! You create just beautiful statement pieces...inspiring!