Sunday, 3 November 2013

It has happened

I suppose one shouldn't complain, we did make it to November before the white stuff fell. Fall is my favorite time of the year....but there is something unexplainably exciting about the first true know the one where the stuff stays on the ground. I can't say I am looking forward to 6 months of this but today is quite pretty; all pristine and white. Besides I'll have all those chilly nights with nothing to do but.......

I saw this lovely quilling design on Pinterest and just had to give it a try. I think it turned out well; it's my tribute to fall.

Quilled Maple Leaf
OK I confess, I am addicted to here is the latest find I just had to try. The pattern for the necklace can be found at Fun and easy to make and looks awesome on.


  1. Wow, the beaded set is great, but I love the leaf so much. I keep thinking I'll give it a try. Maybe next time I try something new. Glad to hear about the snow. We're finally staying below 80 here.

  2. so pretty! I love the quilling

  3. Haha - it is hard not to get sucked into Pinterest! LOL! The necklace and earrings came out great. But I'm especially drawn to the quilled leave you created. It's GORGEOUS! About a month ago I sat in on a quilling work shop and have been llightly dabbling in it but have some holiday gifts planned with quilling! This autumn leave is quite an inspiration.