Sunday, 7 April 2013

...ah Sunday

..a day to rest, a day to post, a day to watch my favorite TV shows....just an all round good day. OK if you add in that it's the last day of the weekend (lately work has just s#@%ked) and laundry day...maybe not totally perfect, but pretty close. I love that the 2nd reveal was delayed a week....more anticipation, more excitement, plus it gives everyone a rest from the incredible hopping from the first reveal....I am now ready to go and can't wait until next will be busy, I have two hops and it is my beautiful sisters birthday......hmmm what to do!

I have signed up for the "Hats Off ! Challenge" by the lovely Bobbie from Beadsong Jewelery. The ideas are just spinning, so much fun and it makes me want a hat so bad. Check out Bobbie's site to see some totally awesome inspirational hats and the challenge details.

I want to share my new most favorite necklace and earrings....I wore the set 3 times last week and that is a lot for me.  The colors are so deep and rich and compliment each other so well. This was one of those projects that accidentally happened but I am so glad it did. I have recieved tons of compliments and it just makes me feel pretty. Hope you love it too.



  1. Wow, that necklace is gorgeous! I think it's one of my favorite pieces of yours. :)

    I have a book called Hats in Miniature, speaking of making hats. I've never made anything out of the book, but I've always wanted to -- the projects are adorable!

  2. I DO love it! What a gorgeous color palette, and such a luscious focal...

    And thanks for the plug on the challenge! It's going to be fun!

  3. Fabulous! I love the design and color combination!

  4. Fabulous! I love your design and color choices!

  5. Really beautiful necklace and earring set! WOWza!