Sunday, 31 March 2013

..and the party has started!!

I am working my way through the blogs of all those that are in the first reveal of the BSBP and I must say I am truly in awe.  The artistry is amazing, everyone has given such thought and creativity to their designs....can it get any better.  I am actually a little intimidated to post my creations in the second reveal. The judges are going to truly have a difficult task ahead of them. It is taking me some time to go through each blog because I have to spend time on each site and just drool. Thank you Lori for hosting this fantastic is the best party ever. 

My soup is done and will be revealed next weekend, can't wait!!

I have wanted to make something using tila beads for awhile so as I wait to reveal I worked on this little bracelet, it was quick and easy and I think it turned out rather pretty. Although it looks very blue in the photo it is actually more purple.

Purple Haze
Until next weekend!!!!


  1. I love your bracelet. Tilas are fun to work with, aren't they?

  2. Gorgeous bracelet - I love its colour! Can't wait to see your actual reveal :)

  3. Great bracelet! And I'm with you -- seeing the blogs I've been able to get to so far make me nervous to reveal my pieces next weekend! Gotta get back to work....