Sunday, 14 April 2013 seems like it been forever....

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And now on to the Beading Babes Reveal. We were given 6 lovely projects to work on by Karyn. You could do one or all...and once I got started and before I knew it, wow I did them all. So much fun! The only challenge I had was getting peanut beads, for some reason they are not be found in my neck of the woods so I had to order. My first order got lost along the way but Kandra graciously sent me a new order and had them rush delivered. I didn't have quite enough so I had to be inventive but I think it worked out and the bracelet turned out gorgeous. My absolutely favorite project was the fish pendant, the way they move and ripple makes them so hypnotic! I will soon have a fish bowl full.

Without further adieu here are the six projects:

Button Up Bracelet by Leslie Frazier

Last Kisses of Summer by C J Bauschka

Royal Chains Lariat by Kelly Wiese

Fish Pendant by Linda Richmond
Lace Pendant by Linda Richmond

Three Graces Collar by Jill Wiseman


  1. Well done I got one only done the Jill Wiseman one I gotbored with the peanut one

  2. Yet again you've gone and over shot my high expectations for you. BRAVO! That is a lot of work and each one a beauty in it's own right. I hadn't even considered the summer kisses bracelet, but after seeing yours I'm going to have to find that pattern again. What's a word for above excellent work? That's what you've done here.

  3. I am just STUNNED Kepi!!! All of these pieces are AMAZING! I love all your colorways too!!!

  4. Your necklace made my favs list for the second reveal. Check it out:

  5. Wow! Everything is amazing. Love the colors in the "Last Kisses" bracelet.

  6. Wow, great job! I love your Button-up Bracelet, the colours are great...and those fishies are very cool! I'll probably have to get that pattern.

  7. Those are all stunning! I love the colors on the peanut bracelet and the lariat .. wow! Like Ginger, I wasn't too keen on the kisses bracelet, but I love how you did it. The same goes for the collar. I love the silver and blue. I might be digging out those patterns now. :)

  8. As always, I love how you interpret these patterns and make them your own!

  9. I'm so impressed by the variety of uses we all made of the "Spring Fling" sert! Great job!

  10. OMG so lovely, wish I could find a class near me to learn bead weaving. I am in Awe of you.

  11. Such lovely pieces!! Impressive work.
    Thanks for visiting my Third Reveal!
    Best wishes,
    Anna's third reveal

  12. I love your work!!!! I've only done a small amount of seed beading & it is definitely harder than it looks. You're so very good at it!!!! I will have to try again - the possibilities are endless!