Sunday, 28 October 2012

October Fest

Happy, Happy Birthday Rita!
What a wonderful gift for all of us and I hope we all make your day special. This was so much fun.

When I saw the post for this challenge, I was super excited because autumn is my absolutely most favorite time of the year. I love the colors, I love the smells, I love the crunch, I love the crisp mornings and warm afternoons, I love getting that cozy snug feeling under the extra quilt, oh,  I could go on and on. October is so special for me because both my beautiful daughters were born in October. It is an incredibly busy time with birthday celebrations and Thanksgiving feasts. It is a time for getting together with family and a time for being thankful for all you have and all you love.

I challenged myself even further by trying some new techniques for me, bead crochet and polymer clay.  I had so much fun with both and I like how the pieces turned out.

Autumn Colors

Polymer clay earrings

Polymer Clay pendant and earrings

This is Autumn

Tell take sign autumn is here!
Golden Glory

A big thank you and a big happy birthday to our hostess Rita,  and without further ado on to the rest of the participants.

Tanty Sri Hartanti    
Colene Waltermire  
Lee Nova                

Paula Hisel               
Jeannie Dukic             
Host Toltec Jewels
Heather Otto         
Mischelle Fanucchi
Marlene Cupo        
Shaiha Williams     ;
Shelly Graham Turner ;
Shelly Joyce         
Charlie Jacka
Pam Sears          
Margareta Saari    
Marita Suominen   
Lisa Posthumus    
Jeannie Dukic       
Cheri Reed           
Arlene Dean         
Duffy Blevins        
Susan Kennedy   
Dita Basu            
Sonya Ann Stille  
Audrey Allen        
Kashmira Patel     
Kathy Lindemer    
Kris Mattingly       
Lennis Carrier       
Shannon Hicks     
Paula Hisel          
Karin Slaton         
Shirley Moore       
Alicia Marinache   
Valeria G. Rome   
Zoe Marcin           
Kimberly Booth     
Sherri Stokey        
Tanya McGuire       ;
Debbie Rasmussen
Christine Stonefield
Tanty Sri Hartanti   
Sandra McGriff       
Evelyn Shelby        

Colene Waltermire  
Lee Nova               


  1. The bracelet is awesome and those polymer clay leaves just adorable!

  2. Beautiful work: the colours are perfect and a great reminder of the most beautiful seasons of all!

  3. What a fun challenge. I missed this one. (Seems like I miss more of them that I find.) I love autumn as well. I could identify personally with each one of your references to why it is such a wonderful time of the year. And, for me, it is a time when my dogs can walk further as they handle the cool much better than they handle heat.

    I love your bracelet and earrings. I did some bead crochet about 40 years ago with pearls (My Mom still has the long lariat style necklace I made) and I am so glad to see it making a come back. You chose beautiful fall colors for your bracelet. And, the polymer clay....well, good for you. I have tried this and always end up burning it in the would think I was cooking food. Great job!

  4. You tackled both bead crochet and polymer clay? Amazing and beautiful results. Love the pendant and earrings, especially!

  5. Hi Debbie,
    The bracelet, earrings, and necklace are beautiful I love the colors you chose are just gorgeous. Beautiful fall pictures too.

  6. This is absolutely beautiful!! I love the polymer leaves! But, the entire bracelet is just beautiful and definitely says Fall!

  7. You just started with clays? Your leaves are fabulous!

  8. BEAUTIFUL... I love the bracelet and the earrings are perfect for this time of year....

  9. You really did a wonderful job on both pieces. I really love the leaves.

  10. Beautiful. I love how you bent the leaves every which way.

  11. Beautiful. I love how you bent the leaves every which way.

  12. So beautiful leaves. You have been made so wonderful earrings.

  13. Beautiful work!!! I'm so excited that you're working with polymer clay -- your leaves are wonderful. :)

  14. Lovely jewelry pieces and fall pictures!!

  15. Hi sis! I love all the pieces you made. And I love how you photographed the with the real leaves, makes the ones you made look even more stunning. Such a talented sister. Awesome work.

  16. Super beautiful! Happy season. I had to take Rita to ER. She will comment asap.thanks, Lee