Saturday, 6 October 2012

Holiday Bling Blog Hop

Christmas came early in the north country, oh what fun, oh how exciting ... waiting for the parcel was exactly like anticipating presents on Christmas morning. I was so fortunate to be partnered with Leanne Loftus. She hails from Pennsylvania and is relatively new to blog world just like me. Leanne and I opted to just let our creative juices flow and surprise each other. I read Leanne's blog front to back (more like top to bottom) to get a feel for what Leanne might like and I hope she is pleased with her little gift. It was so much fun participating in the Holiday Bling Blog hop, knowing that what I made was going to someone far away and would be received as a little gift from a like minded individual. A big holiday wish and thank you to Shelley and Marlene for hosting such a fun hop. It made winter's coming so much cheerier.

This was my amazing and beautiful gift from Leanne. She spoiled me! I have already worn the set and received many compliments.  Thank you Leanne!

Now let’s check out what others made:

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 Monique Urquhart
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Leanne Loftus
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Dyanne Cantrell
Anindita Basu
Dee Elgie 
Gina Hockett
Lori Jean Poppe
Charlie Jacka
Stephanie Stamper (Woods)
Mary Hicks, Shannon Hicks


  1. So glad you enjoyed meeting a long distance beading buddy, and your gift is really special. Thank you for joining our HBBH!

  2. Ooh Debbie..those colors in the necklace and earring set, created by your partner, Leanne, are MY colors...but I will share this once! I can't wait to see what you sent to her.

    Thank you for participating in our blog hop, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! xxoOh! ~ Shelley

  3. So cool and blue, it's like a summer day on the lake to forget the winter doldrums. Beautiful!

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  5. Debbie,
    Oh my I love the necklace and earrings your partner Leanne made for you I love the green and blue colors!

  6. What a beautiful necklace, Debbie... I love the asymmetry which is difficult for me, but Leanne makes it look so easy! I'm picturing it against a dark holiday dress and stealing the show, but you could wear it year-round, too. I love the rich, amazing design of the necklace you created for Leanne, as well. Hope your Holiday Season is filled with the gifts of Peace, Joy and Hope.

  7. Love this necklace, Debbie. I can see why you got a lot of compliments---I know I would have told you how beautiful it is! Great start to the Holidays! Gina

  8. What a cute set. I am so glad you are already in the holiday spirit. This was a brilliant idea of Shelly and Marlene. Oh and your black heart necklace is amazing.

  9. I'm baccck..had to comment on the necklace you made for your partner, Leanne. Its is so pretty and dainty. The mix of the dark and pastel along with the bead works - yum!!

  10. Passei, vi, li e gostei muito do seu blog. Parabéns pelo conteúdo... Aguardo sua cordial visita ao meu blog;

  11. Happy Holidays, Debbie!

    Pardon me for posting today -- I had "emergency" grandma childcare yesterday in the day, and my usual grandma childcare 2nd shift.

    I'm delighted to visit the wonderful blog hop now! So many nice gifts, and sharing of friendship. Leanne created a gorgeous jewelry ensemble for your holiday gift! It's beautiful bling :) Love the colorway and the modern silk and chic, asymmetrical style.

    And your necklace for Leanne is amazing! Stunning, just stunning. The rose and beadwork is so exquisite. Oh, I'm so inspired by your beautiful jewelry art!

    Love BOTH jewelry gifts -- what a lovely holiday bling exchange you two had!

    Happy Holidays,

  12. I love what you made for Leanne! The heart pendant is so pretty.

    This hop is such a nice idea, making a present for another person. :)

  13. I just love the colors in your necklace. I can see why you would get compliments.

  14. Oh how pretty! The teal and lime green look great together!

  15. Lovely set - perfect Bling for Holidays!

  16. Debbie - I just got around to posting comments. My husband ran in a marathon over the weekend - so we were pretty busy! I love the necklace you sent me! It was a lot of fun to be your partner. I'm glad my package arrived in time - I was getting a little nervous.
    Thanks again for being my partner!

  17. thanks for sharing...