Saturday, 16 June 2012 anticipation....

Lori ( suggested that while we wait to find out who are partners are we should kick start the blog hop and write a little about how we started making jewelery. So here goes....

For as long as I can remember I have made jewelery, through the years I have perfected and honed my skills and have found a niche that I am deeply passionate about. I love to create one of a kind bead embroidery pieces and never tire of making these beautiful things. When my girls were in school I made many, many beaded daisy necklaces, one for each exam they was my little good luck charm to them and these little necklaces made an impact (happy to say they always passed their exams). I have now graduated to much more involved pieces and yes my girls have taken to these new pieces as well....funny that.

I have always been involved in art and but for a misfortune in life would have gone to art college and earned my degree in fine arts. Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls so now even though I work in an engineering driven job I find my creative release in making wearable art.

I am fairly new to blogging but have found a place where I can share and receive comments and compliments on the pieces I have made. I feel incredibly lucky that I now have so many wonderful like minded friends.

This is my first bead soup blog hop and I cannot tell you how excited I am.


  1. You are going to LOVE the BSBP!!! It's been one of my favorite hops since I started blogging a few years ago!!!! It's a lot of fun and the anticipation is really exciting!

  2. I'm so glad that you have beading for a creative outlet! Your work is spectacular. And if you even need more art in your life, there are plenty of online classes. My friend Janet of Random Acts of Art takes and enjoys them. :)

    I think you'll like Bead Soup! It's so much fun getting to see what everyone has made, and getting beads in the mail is very exciting.