Wednesday, 20 June 2012

..getting closer, but not there yet...

 I have been busy trying to get an Etsy store going. I don't know why it's taking me so long, I think I have a block. But I have given myself to the end of June (yikes that's getting close) to have a least one item listed and my Etsy store up and running. I mean how hard can it be.....there are many, many Etsy stores already and the sales are in the millions and most of my blog friends have a store.  Maybe I am afraid of not making any sales or...... maybe I am afraid of making sales! Whatever it is I need to just do it.

I don't know if I will put this piece in my Etsy store or not, I have grown quite fond of "Royale". It has a certain feel of richness to it, a feeling of royalty.



  1. Even though I have the same deadline, I'm still dragging my feet on the Etsy store! What you said about being afraid of making sales is definitely true for me!

    We'll do this, though! And I know that your work will be a huge hit -- Royale is a beautiful piece, all that gorgeous purple. I understand wanting to hold on to it!

  2. Your work is beautiful! It took me a year of going back and forth on opening an etsy shop and I finally opened it tjis past November. I have only had 31 sales, but hey, each sale you get is a confidence booster! My only hint to you would be to keep your blog name the same as your etsy store name. That way, it is easier for people to remember. I also just opened a second shop on in the beginning of June. Not one singke sale yet, but this really keeps me focused on buikding uo my inventory. Try not to get discouraged...believe me, I understand! I enjoyed reading seceral of your blog posts and will continue to follow you. Keep up with your is the best confidence booster! Best of luck to you!!!