Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Country - Oh Canada!

My Country Blog Hop Reveal

As soon as I saw that Nan Smith was hosting the My Country blog hop I really wanted to join in the fun and talk a bit about where I live.

Today is Canada's birthday.....Happy Birthday Canada,  I had never really thought what it was to be Canadian until I traveled to other countries and realized just how great this country is and how truly lucky I am.   We still have vast amounts of wide open wilderness for exploring,  an abundance of Federal and Provincial Parks for us to enjoy, we are a nation of a diverse melting pot of nationalities, and we have freedom. Alberta is my home province and although I was born in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan's Tiger Lily
 I am Albertan through and through.
Alberta's Wild Rose
Everyone has heard of the Canadian Loonie ($1) and of course the Canadian Twoonie ($2) but we also have a quarter, a dime a nickel and ...... a copper penny.  One was always carrying around a weighty purse or pocket full  of the copper pennies and really there isn't much you could get for a penny anymore. Penny banks were exploding and old mason jars were full of them. People were hoarding them...what else did you do with them. As a child I remember rolling rolls and rolls of them for my father; he was a coin collector.....but why all the rolls - what was the purpose? Well recently Canada decided it was time for the penny to retire- think of the copper we are saving! So now what to do with that large collection I have of my own? So we never forget an important part of Canadian history, I have taken them out of my pocket and put them on my ears and around my neck. Enjoy!

My Country Blog Hop Participants

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  1. How fabulous that Canada, which I always think of as very progressive, made the sane decision to retire the penny. If only the U.S. would see reason and follow suit. When they do, I know just what to do with my jars of pennies. Your jewelry designs are fabulous, made even more so by the fact that the coins are adorned with maple leaves. I adore copper. And it goes so well with your national colors.

  2. Happy Canada Day, Kepi. I hope you're enjoying it. We really are the luckiest people in the world to call Canada home! Thanks for joining in this party with such enthusiasm. Looking forward to reading all about the other countries. There are some fascinating stories so far!
    Wonderful jewelry from pennies! Now I wish I'd held on to some after seeing your inspirational designs. I was just so glad to rid myself of the added weight and I was in the midst of downsizing so all my jars of pennies went ! I especially like the necklace with the red and white beads. Very patriotic!

  3. great idea to use up saved pennies. It really is true "a penny saved is a penny earned"

    now that they are no longer in circulation i assume it's ok to poke holes in them and use for jewellery components.
    Love the red and white accents too . very festive , very canuck.

  4. I love those copper pennies. And they make beautiful earrings too!

  5. I love the earrings - they have a true old world charm to them

  6. What a fabulous use for copper pennies! I love them!

  7. Happy Canada Day! I hope you had a fabulous holiday and wore your new jewelry - those coins are beautiful , what a great idea to use them in your designs and preserve them for the future! I especially love the lariat!

  8. Oh, I love Canadian pennies! :) I do! As a little girl, we'd end up with lots & lots of them. I loved the maple leaf & the similar copper 1 cent coins of our countries. We'd often use our Canadian pennies just as we did our USA pennies -- they purchased & were loved by merchants & shoppers here as if interchangeable with U.S. currency. I'm sad to see the beautiful coins go, but LOVE seeing them in your fab jewelry! Terrific collection of copper treasures!

  9. Beautiful pictures, stunning flowers and colours! How beautiful this is in your country... The names of the coins make me smile (-: we also changed our Dutch money system. Into the Euro. I saved some coins, but not so many! Your jewellerv is a great souvenir of what once was, long time ago...

  10. Gosh, those are beautiful flowers! I LOVE what you did with the pennies!!! I have seen them "repurposed" as buttons and such, and it is on my long list of "things to try"! The lariat style is perfect, especially with the splash of color from the wrapped charms! Wish the US would get with the program and stop producing the pennies, as well. Come to think of it, anything under a dollar doesn't seem to buy much of anything nowadays...sigh...

  11. Those are all really cool! I love how you upcycled them!!! Plus I really love copper!!! Have a Blessed Day!!!