Sunday, 27 April 2014

Keep on trying..

I love peyote stitch and some of the patterns I have seen on line are so gorgeous, they beg to be tried, and tried and tried. It took me the longest time to wrap my head around odd count peyote but perseverance paid off and I now have it mastered....yeah me!  That being said I am still trying to master reading a pattern. Written patterns no problem but visual...yikes the amount of times I take it out, I could have two or three bracelets completed.  Never one to be beaten (except when it comes to skiing) I shall keep trying until I master it.

This is one of my first attempts and after I lost track of the pattern for the umpteenth time I just gave in and went with it. My daughter Meg saw it and loved it and yes now it is hers. She is one of my biggest fans and really likes wearing my creations.

California Dreaming

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  1. I'm normally not one for really bright colors, but I really like this bracelet. Good work