Monday, 26 August 2013

...missed a day somewhere and now it's Monday..

Summer is rapidly disappearing and I wonder where the time has gone. This summer has been pretty stressful but thankfully things are looking up and a vacation is just around the corner.  A much needed vacation.....This year we are planning a tour of Washington and Oregon in particular the Columbia River Gorge and the west coast highway from Portland to Seattle, just can't wait. I have researched places to go and shops to shop-Shipwreck Beads here I come.

My love of twin hole seed beads continues and in between getting ready for the hops I have signed up for I have played around a lot with these beads. I just finished this beauty. I love how the rope drapes so elegantly and making it really special is the pendant that can be removed to wear the rope plain or with a different pendant.

To Russia with Love

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  1. Pretty piece! I'm in awe of what people are doing with the Super duo twin beads and this is no exception! And color me jealous of your upcoming vacation!!!! I visited the Columbia River Gorge about 15 years ago and I thought it was spectacular!