Sunday, 28 July 2013

...busy busy busy...

Wow, summer is just flying by....not exactly how I had planned but life can be like that. My sweet daughter although back in the hospital for more surgery has gotten much better and there is a light at the end of the tunnel! My cousin, who I never knew existed has come and sadly gone but what a fun time we had. She left this morning to meet more family before she takes that long flight home but with the promise to return to her Canadian home soon. Work is incredibly stressful and doesn't promise to get better anytime soon....thank goodness there are beads, lots of beads! I have been keeping myself busy with several upcoming bead challenges. One of the challenge projects called for twin hole beads...I had never used them before but I am now totally hooked. There will definitely be  more work with these beauties... Serenity was an adaptation from "Flower Basket Earrings" by Barbara Falkowitz, Beadwork Magazine June/July 2013. So so pretty!


  1. Busy, busy, busy led to some pretty, pretty, pretty! Glad to hear your daughter continues to heal and recover.

  2. Love this set! I'm keeping your daughter in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  3. I do not sit at my computer to catch up with my blog reading often enough - your daughter has certainly had a long road to recovery. Sending you prayers! This set is incredibly beautiful!