Sunday, 20 January 2013

...rough week...

This past week I have had a bad cold/sinus infection. I shouldn't complain though, lots of people in our office have gotten sick. I hate being's like loosing a week of your life that you can never get back. I probably would have done some really cool things last week - lunch with my daughters, lunch and a bead field trip with my sister, fun with my co-workers, romance with the love of my life, the list could go on and on -but no I couldn't even get out of bed for three days. Oh well not to be one that is beaten I worked on and finished a really beautiful project I wish was the real thing and then I could get my week back!!!

I had ordered a kit from Heather Kingsley-Heath called the Time Traveller's Compass and as luck would have it, it arrived the first day I stayed home. Although I couldn't work on it until about day 3 it was just what I needed. I absolutely love the finished results and I found Heather's pattern super easy to follow. A little bling went a long way to making me feel better!

Time Traveller's Compass

Close up of the Time Traveller's Compass

Another thing y'all should know that is making me feel better and super excited is the sign up for Lori's 7th Bead Soup Blog Party.   The 6th Bead Soup was my first BSBP, it was so worth the experience. Lori is an incredible person for hosting this event and all that goes with it. It would be my great pleasure to be able to participate in this great adventure again. Thank you Lori.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. Your Time Traveller's Necklace is gorgeous. I love the new spike beads and I'm anxious to get my hands on some to try them. Your piece is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful necklace -- so glad you had some bead therapy to help you get over the sick ickies and that you're feeling better! Was this your first time working with the spike beads? They look so intriguing, and are working their way onto my beady wish list...

  3. I'[m sorry you weren't well!!! But glad you are on the mend. Certainly that Time Traveler's necklace is spectacular. Beautifully done!!!!

  4. I clicked on your link to Heather's site - I wasn't familiar with her, but her designs are amazing. And speaking of amazing, your work on Time Traveller deserves some superlatives. Glad you're on the mend.