Sunday, 6 January 2013

.....a special weekend for me....

This weekend was my birthday, more specifically Saturday was my birthday. It was a great weekend, I was thoroughly spoiled. Saturday started with a full english breakfast served in bed...ahhhh, then a trip to all my favorite beading stores.....more ahhhhs, then spa time......oooh ahhhhh, then a wonderful dinner out with my favorite people in the world; my daughters, my son in law and my most wonderful husband, then curling up on the couch with a new movie.....could anyone ask for anything better. It was a fabulous day. And then to top off a great Saturday, Sunday was spent doing my other most favorite  No questions asked just anywhere I wanted to go and stop whenever I said...did I mention I have a most wonderful husband. The day started off with sunshine and the promise of a nice day but as soon as we headed out of town a heavy snow storm blew in, still fun and I think I got some great shots.

Home home on the range....

where the buffalo roam...

Big daddy

Braving the elements

I feel truly blessed and hope that everyone has an awesome birthday this year!


  1. Happy belated birthday, Debbie! I'm glad that you had such a great weekend -- you totally deserve it.

    The buffalo look so cuddly! I think it's all that fur. :)

  2. Happy birthday (I'm not late, I'm just helping you prolong the celebration!!)

    Hope you have continued to have a wonderful week, snow, buffalo, and all!

  3. I am extremely late in saying Happy Birthday, but Happy Birthday! So glad you could spend it exactly how you wished! I CANNOT believe those photos! Awesome! The only critters in my neck of the woodds are squirrels, more squirrels, sometimes deer, and a lost fox! Jealous!

  4. Your birthday day sounds as perfect as it must have been! We have beads, photography and sisters in common :-) Oh...and curling up with a good movie! Beautiful photos, specially the dapple. Have a great year!