Thursday, 5 April 2012

...ode to the beautiful South West...

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, my husband and I traveled to Utah and the tip of Arizona this past fall. We fell in love with the south west and are eagerly planning our next trip. The red rocks, the sunrises and sunsets, were breathtaking. On a lark I searched on eBay for something I could use in my beading and I found this beauty. It so reminds me of the beautiful states we were lucky to travel to.  I absolutely fell in love with it and when it arrived began work on "Sonora Sunrise". Although simple in design I think it is absolutely stunning in its simplicity.


  1. What a gorgeous cab! Reminds me of Red Rock Canyon outside Vegas.

  2. Such a beautiful necklace -- I can see why the stone reminds you of the Southwest!

    I love the beaded rope, too. I keep wanting to learn how to make those because they add something special to bead embroidery. :)

    1. Thanks Sarah, the rope was a nice addition and worked up quickly.

  3. Thanks, Skylar .... sounds like I need a trip to Red Rock Canyon. I love the country in that area. We have a Red Rock Canyon in Alberta as well and it is one of my favorite spots. Glad you enjoyed.

  4. This is beautiful! That cab is gorgeous! The rope is perfect with it, I love the way you embellished it.