Sunday, 29 April 2012

Life is good...

Oh what a little green will do - definitely boosts the mood. The weather has been so weird  but the tulips and crocuses are up, the buds are on the trees and yes even the grass is starting to green.

We are so anticipating summer we have booked every weekend in May to go camping. I am super excited because I will finally be able to indulge in another passion of mine and that is carving welsh love spoons....which I only do when camping (not sure why). 

I am set to go - a beading project in hand, a carving project or two and my brand new camera...can't wait. 
My great friend Barbara has just launched her Etsy store  (
...very exciting and quite a surprise to me, congratulations are in order, beautiful earrings. I now have to get my butt in gear and get my Etsy store set up (that will be this week's project).
I have been busy beading. 'Teardrops'. I found this pattern in Seed Bead Fusion by Rachel Nelson-Smith and just knew I had to make it with my version of bead soup (a mix of seed beads, some left over glass teardrops, the odd crystal and various other glass beads.  A joy to wear. Love to all my beading friends.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful and they do lift the spirits, don't they? The Welsh love spoons are beautiful too. I've never seen them before. Lovely. That necklace is fabulous. I love Rachel Nelson-Smith's books and your version of the necklace is great!

  2. Wow, another masterpiece! Sorry I missed you on the weekend I tried a couple of times but there was no answer.

  3. You carve spoons? That's awesome!

    I still have to get my rear in gear for Etsy. Have you made any progress on that front? If so, I'll have to make you my Etsy role model, and if not... we'll do it soon! Personally, I'm thinking of bribing myself with ice cream. ;)