Saturday, 6 December 2014

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop is here!

I am so excited to be participating in the Bead Hoarder’s Blog Hop and yes like all of you I am a hoarder.  I never started out to be one but it is pretty much impossible not to become one…there are just so many beautiful little pieces of art out there.  I am particularly excited about this hop because it is a party hosted by Lori Anderson and I am so glad she is back. There is excitement in the air and it’s because the wonderful Bead Soup Cafe is open once again…I never realized how much I would miss it until I didn’t have it. I know Lori has a long road to recovery ahead of her but this is such a positive step and we will all be there in her corner cheering her on.

I love the Bead Hoarder’s Blog Hop…it makes one visit tucked away treasures and remember design ideas and then come up with new design ideas.  And let’s face it I just love bead blog hops…such positive reinforcement for creative minds.

A dear friend gifted me with her mother’s little treasure box of jewellery, knowing I love beading she thought that perhaps I could use some of the beads in the necklaces for my projects. I tucked away these treasures for another day and now that day is here. Isobel’s treasure box was filled with many pieces but most noticeably there were several strands of pearls. Some were obviously favorites because there were old and well worn, some were newer but all suggested Isobel’s love of the finishing touch.   “Isobel’s Pearls” combines all the pearls from these necklaces in one piece. Gold lace became the backdrop to showcase the precious pearls enhanced with tiny gold seed beads and a crystal drop as the final touch.  It is old world charm reinvented, a vision of love, age and wisdom.

Isobel's Pearls
I had in my stash several Raku beads that were crying to be seen but I had no idea what to do with them. I love Raku, the deep earthy richness and the obvious love put into creating them. When creating a Raku piece one never knows the outcome, hence the meaning “happiness in the accident” … so unpredictable and unique.  I also had some beautiful shibori silk ribbon…what a wonderful combination of two very natural elements coming together. I had never used a brass collar insert but had one on hand and the design process began…by this I mean I had a dream.  I needle felted a piece of lacy stiff stuff with some gorgeous silk hankie and then added the shibori ribbon, Raku beads, crystals and seed beads; encased the brass insert by adding crystals along the edge for a wonderful earthy neck collar… “Elemental”


Thanks Lori, you are the best and now for the fun…let the hopping begin!

Lori Anderson

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Melissa Trudinger                         


  1. Beautiful and brilliant designs! Love the color palates too. One talented lady!!!

  2. Holy cow!! They're both so beautiful! Great bead embroidery. I haven't yet purchased any Shibori ribbon for myself (the price always stops me) but I love it. Silk always looks so nice.

  3. Both pieces are just gorgeous! Well done!

  4. What stunning pieces... Love them both but the gold one is my favorite well done

  5. Every time you amaze me! I can't pick a favorite. The blues are gorgeous (and my favorite color) in Elemental, but my love for reusing old treasures brings the pearl piece neck in neck for my admiration. You are amazing D! You really are.

  6. I have no words! Other than...incredible! Awe-inspiring! Oh my!

  7. Wow, I feel as though I just stepped into an art gallery. These are both so sculptural, detailed and intricate. I am in awe of your talent, especially since I couldn't begin to make something like these. Beautiful!

  8. I have to admit, I zoomed on each picture several times just to let the beauty of all your details sink in! Kelly, above, said it best...your work belongs in an art gallery! Those blues! Sigh...just a beautiful work of art!

  9. The gold lace and pearl necklace is exquisite. I love the colors in Elemental and such creativity. I hope you are enjoy wearing these treasures.

  10. Stunning. Thank you for sharing your designs with us.

  11. WOW! these are truly exquisite designs. I love the way you used the jewelry box treasures, such a wonderful gift to be given and beautiful way to design with them.

  12. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Seed beads. Shibori. Pearls. Beautiful. And you had the honor of working with someone else's treasures just as I did, making them even more beautiful. Nice!

  13. Such elegance in both pieces. It's hard to make statement pieces wearable but you did it, and did it with great class. Gorgeous!

  14. Amazing, your work is so precise and yet open,each piece different but with a unity of vision, I am very impressed

  15. SOOOO very creative and beautiful. Love those colors!

  16. Hi Debbie, I am always impressed with the awesome jewelry that you produce and this time is no exception. Isobel's Pearls is over the top gorgeous. What a fabulous piece. I also like Elemental. Trying shibori ribbon is on my list of must do's. You did it really well and it looks great with the raku.

  17. Your beadwork is so beautiful. Your pearl piece really honors the

  18. Both of your necklace are so magnificent. I admire your talent!

  19. Ok, my jaw already dropped with your first piece, what gorgeous use of gold lace and pearls! So lush! But then I scrolled on and arrived at your second creation, WHOA! Now THAT is absolutely stunning, those colors are so wonderful! What an awesome job you did working away some of that stash!

  20. Outstanding designs! I love the story behind Isobel's pearls and the end result exudes old world elegance but in a new interpretation! Just gorgeous. The Raku piece is so different from the first and definitely shows your brilliant breadth as an artist! Both are truly museum worthy.

  21. I saw your work on pinterest and was dumb founded - its so very sculptural and beautiful - great work with your stash

  22. Amazing pieces you created! They are both divine!

  23. What a talented lady you are. Amazing, truly stunning pieces!!

  24. WOW...!!!! Those necklaces are stunning and so different in flovour I adore old worldy pieces like your gold lace pearl necklace but I also love ruku beads the colour is so rich I love them both for their different qualities, thank you for sharing and for your lovely comments on my offerings.

  25. Both designs are a piece of art each! An amazing use of mixed media and color!

  26. Wow talk about little pieces of art! They are both so wonderful in their way. I especially love the second design with all those wonderful colors.

  27. Great use of beads in both pieces and as usual your work take my breath away! So beautiful!!!!

  28. Wow. I don't even know how to put in words my thoughts of your pieces. I'm in awe what gorgeous work!

  29. Isobel's Pearls is such a beautiful tribute. The love shines through. I love the bright colours in your Elemental design. They work perfectly with the Raku focal

  30. Thanks for the words of encouragement! And your pieces are flabbergasting -- I have no concept of how to even begin doing anything like that!