Sunday, 12 October 2014

Back from vacation and ready for fall

Favorite spot in Victoria's Beacon Hill Park

DBP Barn
 Back from vacation (which was awesome....except for the food poisoning) and ready for fall. Although the first week of vacation was a bit dodgy the second week was wonderful, we visited family and reconnected with old just went by way too fast.  Home base was in  Fort Langley with many trips to Vancouver and a trip to the island.  I reconnected with a long lost cousin, what a wonderful time...wish I had never let so much time pass without being in touch, I plan on not letting that happen again.  Saw my sister and my brother....I can never get enough. Saw my sister and brother in law and again can never get enough. I also surprised my girlfriend in Vancouver for a birthday celebration, lots of tears and fun. I have such awesome people in my life and am truly blessed!
A favorite old house in Fort Langley 

Fall isn't fall without....

Trying my hand at felting, pumpkins are a great first!

It will be that time again soon....crystal witch hat earrings!
Brass etched earrings from my beading table!

WIP - on the table
Have a great fall......


  1. Hi,
    Sounds like you had a great vacation. It is a wonderful thing when you reconnected with people you have not seen in a long time and everything is just like you have not been away that long. I am so ready for some fall weather here in Alabama.

  2. Absolutely stunning photos! Glad you were able to reconnect - always a good feeling! THOSE PUMPKINS ARE AMAZING!! Love them!

  3. Such wonderful photos - and stunning jewelry creations that capture the beauty of the season!