Saturday, 15 February 2014

Freeform reveal day.....

I must confess although I have dabbled in free form I am in no means very good at it, I think I have had accidental successes. Always up for a challenge though, I thought why not. Red and Valentines day....what could be better or more appropriate.
I went through all my beads and pulled out all the reds...seed beads in 15s, 11s and 8s, small round glass beads, glass hearts, daggers (I decided against those) and crystals. It seemed so needed to add something to give it some pop! I was going to use white but then purple just jumped in.
I sat down at my beading table and well .....nothing....yikes! Finally I just let go of any fear and started. All was going well and I had made some progress when to my dismay the crystals cut my thread and all my hard work came undone. I wanted to just walk away and forget it, but a challenge is challenge and it must be met. I diligently went back at it; added beads and stitched again and the end result was Joy!
Note to self -do not use those kind of crystals again!
Both my daughters love the necklace so I guess it was a success.


  1. It's beautiful!! I love the pop of purple, and it drapes gorgeously! I love how you arranged the hearts as well - just fantastic all the way around!! :)

  2. Hi Debbie,
    You were a success your necklace is gorgeous!

  3. It turned out beautifully. Glad you went back and finished it.

    I don't use crystals much but have had issues with cut thread in the past. If you are using nymo you might want to give fireline a try. Different drapes, but I think fireline is less likely to unravel.

  4. Your necklace is beautiful!! I love the hearts. Freeform is all about letting go of the rules. That's what's so fun about it.

  5. Fireline is by far the best thread to use with any crystals. As KJ said, the drape will be different, but it's fairly temporary. It also cannot fray and holds knots really well. The necklace turned out great btw!.