Sunday, 9 December 2012

Beading Babes Reveal day has finallly arrived....

Reveal days are always so exciting for me, the preparation, the anticipation, the excitement, the wonder and then the day. I loved each and every project, so much so I made double's on some.  Being part of Beading Babes is wonderful and pushes my creativity. I generally buy the magazines Bead and Button and Bead Works and as I flip through I plan on this project and that project but I have to be honest, until I joined Beading Babes I rarely made anything from a pattern. I have found I really enjoy following a pattern and have learned valuable techniques that I can now incorporate into my own designs. Thanks to Karen for being such a great hostess. Can't wait for project 8.

Now for my reveals......

Enchanted Rivoli Earrings pattern by Csilla Csirmaz
I love these earrings and have received rave reviews for the ones I made myself. They are so elegant and yes enchanting and I have made several pairs. I didn't use the called for size 9s but I think they turned out gorgeous.

Gothic Butterfly bracelet pattern by Mikki Ferrugiaro

This was my favorite project, the best bracelet I have ever made. I love the fit, the feel and the design.

I loved this design so much I had to incorporate it into a necklace.....

 And of course earrings to go with it....

 Scalloped Pearl bracelet pattern by Angelle Procopio

A cute bracelet and so different from the above.  Scalloped Pearls was really fun to make and an easy pattern to follow. I had to have earrings to go with this one as well.

Roller Beads necklace pattern by Cathy Lampole
Last but not least the Roller Bead necklace. The roller beads were really fun to make and I can see making lots more and incorporating them in other pieces of jewelery or just switching the necklace up.

Thanks again Karen, hope everyone enjoys!!!


  1. Look at you, busy lady! They're all so beautiful, but I love how you expanded on the idea of the bracelet into the necklace and earrings to really make them your own. Wow!

  2. Those are all amazing. I love the colors you chose. I'm glad you were able to make the earrings work without the size 9 seed beads. I love how you turned the Gothic Butterfly into a bow for you necklace -- brilliant. I also love your Scalloped earrings. What a great idea.

  3. Wow! Amazing work - I love every inch of every piece, but I especially like the Cathy Lampole necklace - looks like it will be as much fun to wear as it must have been to create!

  4. Very, very nice!! I just got back from a trip tonight, and will post my reveal ASAP tomorrow.

  5. I love the butterfly, and I like that you turned it into a necklace! Very cute, and perfect for this time of year because it looks like a ribbon with a bow at the end. :)

  6. You have outdone yourself again! These pieces are flawlessly executed and absolutely gorgeous!!! Bravo!

  7. You've outdone yourself with all these beautiful pieces! WEll done!!!