Sunday, 16 September 2012

Beading Babes Project 6 Reveal...

I had wanted to do the Beading Babes challenged for some time but always seemed to miss the date and then it was to close to reveal date to start....this time I made it. I was happily beading away thinking 3 projects isn't to bad and with the extended reveal date I should have no problem meeting my goal of doing all 3 projects. And then I read the project description once more and in my rush the first time completely missed the 4th project...okay now I had my work cut out for me because I had also joined the Holiday Bling Blog Hop and had to have that in the mail no later than Sept 15. But I did it and here are my takes on the four projects. Oh and add to this we went on holidays....something to be said for beading on the road and I got terribly terribly sick, so sick we had to come home early.

Retro Daisies by Janice Chatham
Super fun to make, so much so I had to make the earrings too!

Ripple Effect Cuff by Sherry Serafini
Oh I do love bead embroidery and this pattern is gorgeous. I used a abalone shell as my focal and although larger than what the pattern called for it still worked out nicely....and having another abalone tucked away I just had to make a pendant to go with it. It's the first time I have used silk ribbon but it certainly won't be the last. 

Soutastic Soutache Earrings by Amee McNamara
The soutache earrings were my biggest challenge, I thought I could easily master this but  not the case, I think I made these earrings three times before I was kind of satisfied. I am even more impressed by Ginger and her submission to the Summer Lovin' challenge..she didn't even use backing! I thought these needed a little extra so I added the dangle.
The Almost Josephine's Collar by Jill Devon 
 ....and last but not least the almost missed project....OK I did take a lot of creative license on this one, the crystals I picked just weren't working in the pattern so I made a few adjustments. I can only hope I did it justice.
I can't reveal the Holiday Bling surprise yet but it's in the mail and I hope my partner Leanne really likes it.



  1. Oh my good gosh, woman!! Are you an over-achiever or what!! Every single piece is totally gorgeous...wish I'd thought of the abalone, I love it and had a cab I could have used and never even thought of it. Beautiful!!

  2. Hey sis, the projects are all wonderful!

  3. Wow you have done an amazing job on all four projects. They are all gorgeous. Your take on Josephine's Collar is off the hook gorgeous and so is your take on Ripple Effect. I love your color choice in the Retro Daisies bracelet and the Soutastic Soutache earrings both pieces are very pretty.

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous! i cannot even imagine beading with those tiny little beads!!! Amazing work...each one a little oiece of art! Great job!

  5. Wow, you have been a busy little beader. Good on ya for doing all the pieces on offer. I adore all of these. The addition of dangles on the soutache earrings was great. Such striking colours, but looks terrific. I also love what you did with the Josephine collar. Applause from me. ;-)

  6. Amazing! I wish I was on the ball as you are.

  7. WOW!!!! These are all amazing. I love your retro daisies - I have that exact same color cz fp and love it - and it looks amazing against the dark green. And while I have yet to be excited about soutache, those earrings look stunning. (And I"m not usually excited about red white & blue either!!!LOL)Your cuff looks fantastic. And the collar - wow. I just love those colors. The blue is such a pretty contrast to the golden color. And your mods are great!

  8. Wow. Those are all stunning. The coral daisies are awesome and your abalone bracelet and pendant .. I'm speechless. The embroidery is amazing. The soutache is also great. I love how it turned out. I love the square crystal on Josephine's collar. Your links are all gorgeous. The necklace is also amazing!

  9. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful work! And you've played a part in my latest post -- go check it out here:

  10. Look at all those different techniques! Just gorgeous work, Kepi. Love the last necklace - like a waterfall of bling.

  11. Your bead embroidery and that drop necklace are stunning!