Saturday, 23 February 2013

....choose your own adventure....

Freeform reveal day is here! Karen Williams of Baublicious and Mandy Ainsworth Bead Circle teamed up to have a freeform peyote challenge called "Choose your own Adventure" and Oh what a fun adventure this was! I have done very little free form, not sure why because once I start a project I loose myself completely and just go wherever I am taken, it is so completely relaxing and enjoyable.

The hardest part of my adventure was choosing the beads that would accompany me along the way, but that is the true beauty of freeform - it doesn't matter how you start or how you finish or what beads you use.

I have made two necklaces both with mostly seed beads. There are of course crystals, pearls, glass beads and shells thrown in. Hope you enjoy. I know I am going to enjoy the adventure of visiting the other participants sites to see where their adventure took them.

Sea Bubbles


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  1. Well, I can see that you and freeform are old friends. What gorgeous representations of this style! I love them both, but the bubbles necklace really captured my interest. Love to hear more of the process of creating it. Enjoy the hop!

  2. Oh my, Debbie, I love your pieces! Sea Bubbles is the perfect name and I totally get it. I love how you used just the right amount of blue with the coral, and great usage of the shell pieces :) Waves is a gorgeous and gentle wave of freeform. Awesome job!

  3. Stunning! I love them both! Oranges are not normally my color but that one is my favorite! WOW!

  4. Very nice - I especially love the red one!

  5. Your necklaces are beautiful!!! I love them both but Sea Bubbles is just fantastic! Lovely.

  6. These are both gorgeous, but I especially LOVE the blue-green one--so my style. Congrats on a fantastic job.

  7. Oh my goodness what stunning work these must have taken hours to make- I adore the Waves one.

  8. LOVE the sea bubbles necklace! Lots of movement in this piece, just what one would expect from bubbles. And, Waves! Oh, my. I think I must try freeform again. Haven't done this in years!

  9. Both wonderful and both so different!!!

  10. I love that you worked mainly in a monochromatic scheme in both, and let the shades and sizes of the beads do most of the talking -- and what lovely stories they created! I'm a sucker for teal, so that one really catches my eye. Wasn't this fun?!

  11. Both necklaces are gorgeous and I also love the monochromatic palettes. I love the drape and texture of Sea Bubbles. Such a clever design!! And I love contrast of light and dark and the variation in patterns of Waves. Really stunning pieces!!

  12. They are both just so beautiful!! I can't possibly pick a favorite - so they are BOTH my favorite!! I love that you say how relaxing you find it - I do as well!! I'm very happy to have 'met' you through the blog hop and look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

  13. "choosing the beads that would accompany me along the way" - I love that phrase and way of thinking about freeform peyote because it is so true. The beads are our companions and fellow travelers in freeform peyote as we explore the possibilities together.

    And such possiblities you have discovered! Your Sea Bubbles necklace is so wonderfully layered and textured. As is Waves, but in an entirely different way.

  14. They are super beautiful! Wow! Love them both.

  15. Debbie, wow!!! Both pieces are stunning. Absolutely fantastic. You make freeform look so effortless -- it definitely shows that you get absorbed in the process.

  16. 2 amazing necklaces. The sea bubbles necklace is so wonderfully organic and flowing and the waves is also equally fab. Thanks for sharing these beauties with us.

  17. Oh my goodness these are both so beautiful. I just love the design of each one and resulting layers of color, texture and dimension. I would chose Sea waves for myself as I love teals and greens. They are both fabulous - you are very talented!

  18. These are absolutely beautiful! It is hard to find the right words. Sea Bubbles is so vibrant and has such great detail. I just love it!

  19. I like both, but i totally fall in love with Sea Bubbles!

  20. Both pieces are beautiful, you work is amazing!

  21. Wow! It's been a long time since I was truly speechless. Just WOW! Very well done!!!

  22. oh my! these are stunning - both pieces! I'm just stopped in my tracks looking at them and wondering how you did these patterns?! Just beautifully done!

  23. Holy. Cow. I'm sitting here trying to pick my jaw up off of the floor -- stunning work!