Monday, 15 July 2013


I felt so lucky this week, first I received my gift from Nina Designs for being a winner on the BSBP with a little gift from Lori tucked inside.  I love the little silver plated charm and will be incorporating it into something lovely very soon. The little gift Lori tucked in was so special and means so much to me. I think there was some esp happening because the beads Lori sent are the perfect match to fabric I just purchased to sew a summer dress. I was wondering what accessories I would wear and now I know. Thank you thank you Lori, you are one very special person.

Super cute silver plated charm from Nina Designs
Absolutely gorgeous beads Lori tucked in the package
Beautiful earrings made to go with my new summer dress!

Next little parcel to arrive was my package from Alenka of Pepita Handmade. I was so excited to participate in Alenka's First Blogoversary Giveaway and Blog Hop. Alenka packaged all the components, mixed up the packages and then addressed even she did not know what she had sent to the participants. I was thrilled to get a gorgeous clasp because it will go so well with another piece from Alenka. The reveal date is August 11, 2013. I hope everyone will come back and see what I and others will create to help Alenka celebrate her First Blogoversary.

Alenka asked that we post what we received with a link to her blog. Don't forget to join us on August 11th.

Super cool clasp from Pepita Handmade


  1. Hi Kepi,
    You've really got the piece that goes well with the beads you won at the giveaway!!! So the fortune is not always blind ;-)
    Can't wait to see what will you create!
    Have fun,

  2. I love those earrings!

    Will you post photos of the dress when it's finished? I've always been in awe of people who can sew their own clothing. I tried a few times and decided that I'd stick to clothing for dolls! ;)

  3. Isn't she wonderful!!!??? Alenka was my BSBP partner just before you and I adore her work (and she's a lovely person too!) I can't wait to see what you've made!

  4. Isn't this hop going to be fun. Alenka makes such great polymer pieces. The clasp you got is a great color. I'll be back to see what you make with it.